Istobal M’Nex 28 Car Wash

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Automatic Roll Over Car Wash Machines

Double the Efficiency, Double the Profit 

The M’NEX rollovers designed by ISTOBAL will exceed all your expectations. The elegant modular design of this new series sets a new trend while meeting all your automatic vehicle wash needs.
Discover all the advantages that the different M’NEX rollovers offer. The most brilliant generation has arrived!

The new generation of rollovers stands out in so many ways: looks, mechanics, flexibility, and versatility. It has been created to satisfy the needs of the most demanding professionals in the wash world. What’s more, this new series has a special quality which makes it different to anything the market has ever known before: its adaptability. The interior immediately appeals with its stylish modern design, which combines the latest technology and maximum reliability in the wash.

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Xtra Fairing + Star Class

Fairing designed exclusively for the M’NEX28 to incorporate SFERIC lighting and a choice of either STUDIO or STAR CLASS pictograms.

Double Scan Dryer

The only rollover in the M’NEX series which offers two 8 kW horizontal dryers working simultaneously.

General features of Istobal’s M’NEX range
  • Rollover structure made of hot-dip galvanised steel with a minimum thickness of 50 micras.
  • Service lines connected by energy chain.
  • 4-nozzle wax circuit and shampoo circuit with pneumatic dosing pumps specific to each circuit.
  • Electronic circuits set up for connection to self-service.
  • Hydraulic circuit can work with two different types of water.
  • Non-drip system.
Features of the M’NEX28
  • Wash and dry rollover comprising 4 vertical brushes and 1 horizontal brush controlled by power transducers.
  • Powder coating with a minimum thickness of 60 micras (30μ primer, 30μ colour)
  • A machine with enormous potential: complete wash and dry programs carried out efficiently in the minimum time.
  • Its compact design means it can be used as a replacement on facilities already existing with no need for building work since it can be installed on a standard 9-metre bay.

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