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Istobal car wash equipment

istobal car wash suppliesResearch, development and innovation are the keys to Istobal’s success.  Ideas and pioneering technologies are developed and turned into solutions.  In addition to meeting their customer’s needs and anticipating future demands in the car wash market.

All work is thanks to open innovation and close liaison with prestigious technological institutes and universities as well as with corporations from the scientific and technological sector.

Istobal’s mission is to design and supply car wash systems with the best balance between quality, service and price based on profitability, flexibility and innovation criteria, to be an environmentally friendly company, and to meet customer, employee and shareholder needs.

Istobal Automatic Car Washes

istobal car washes australia

An Istobal automatic machine installed at a car wash business in Campbelltown, Sydney.

Possibly the most frequently question asked of our car wash builders and sales staff is “what kind of automatic car wash machine is most suitable for my car wash business?

Typically, rollover (or automatic car washes) differ in two ways:

  1. wash capacity, and
  2. basic features/optional extras.

Below we have listed the differentiating factors between Istobal’s automatic car wash machines:

The Istobal M1 automatic car wash

The M1 is the simplest of Istobal’s automatic car wash range. It is a functional machine with a very compact and robust design offering a quality wash and a quality dry. It is equipped with tilting vertical brushes, a shampooing and waxing circuit, and a 12kW static dryer consisting of top and side nozzles. High pressures or other optional extras cannot be incorporated on the structure to complete the program choice. It is the perfect model for workshops and dealers, as an additional service.

The Istobal M’NEX automatic car wash range

Standing out for its adaptation power, the M’NEX is the top of Istobal’s automatic car wash range. With 8 different wash heights and 2 wash widths, it offers the latest technology and a flexible program configuration. The M’NEX range incorporates speed and position control for brushes using frequency converters and encoders, latest-generation photocells, several combinations of horizontal and lateral drying, different wheel-wash types and high pressures, chemical spraying, etc. It is the most comprehensive rollover range in our portfolio, and the most attractive too as far as fairings, design and customisation options are concerned.

The M’NEX22 car wash is the most versatile model and the best seller in the range. The M’NEX25 rollover car wash machine is a rollover with two synchronised wash and dryer modules working on the same 11-metre long bay to maximise the number of passes and improve wash quality. Its flexibility is maximum thanks to different optional extras for both modules. Conversely, the M’NEX27 consists of two independent rollovers -washing and drying- with a separating curtain working on two separate bays (9 and 7 metres respectively) to significantly increase throughput. And to complete the supply, our M’NEX28 is a 5-brush rollover with maximum wash and dry throughput in the smallest area, as it only needs a standard 9-metre long bay. It is the only automatic car wash model with simultaneous operation of two horizontal dryers, 8kW each.

The Istobal FLEX5 automatic car wash

Our transformer rollover. ISTOBAL is the patent holder of the first and only automatic car wash machine in the market that is capable of transforming from three to five brushes without changing machines and in just 1 working day. This rollover provides your car wash facility with total flexibility. Needs at the car wash change. You can change too, without changing machines. If you need to improve your capacity, washing and drying time can be reduced up to 30% compared to a three-brush machine. And it offers almost the same customization and image possibilities as the M’NEX range. It also has a large number of optional extras.

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The Istobal TRACER OH1 touchless automatic car wash

Each car wash market has uses and habits of its own. Our rollover range also includes model TRACER OH1, the first ‘brushless’ car wash totally made in Europe based on the American touchless high-pressure philosophy. With overhead travel suspended from its own structure and L-shaped piping, this model applies specific chemicals and high pressure while moving around the vehicle in the centre of the bay. The pipe supplies shampoos, waxes and sprayed chemicals, and can even incorporate an on-board dryer.

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