Coin Operated Car Vacuums

industrial car vacuum system

Coin operated vacuum for car wash businesses

Coin operated car wash vacuums have the ability to be a very profitable source of income and are generally used in the majority of today’s car wash busines.

By having a number of  coin operated vehicle vacuums at your car wash site, they will  compliment the services offered and  increase your overall revenue.

We can offer a number of payment systems, colours and various options with our Australian built Ultra Vac units

Increase your site revenue with these attractive, low maintenance stainless steel vacuums.

The Ultra Vac stainless steel vacuums are available as a standard vacuum or with the Fragrance option to allow you to offer additional services to your customers.

The vacuum body is formed out of a single stainless steel sheet to improve appearance. The controls and coin vault are built into this body, to increase security.

The Ultra Vac units are normally fitted with an electronic coin validator to allow use by the general public. The coin validator can be programmed to accept a variety of coins and tokens and  a  counter is included to enable revenue collection to be monitored. Coin operated units are fitted with an Australian designed security vault to protect your revenue.

The Ultra Vac units are available in two height models to suit various installation locations and can be supplied either with a plain stainless steel finish or the front fascia and hood can be powder coated in a variety of colours to suit site livery.

The units can also be fitted with a keypad  to allow connection to a Code activation system. This  allows codes to be sold in the shop so as  to operate the vacuum without cash. This option is suitable for a site with a Ryko Automatic car wash enabling the customer to purchase a single ticket to operate the car wash and the vacuum, if desired.

Ultra Vac Combo with fragrances

The Ultra Vac has an optional Fragrance Component, to allow you to offer additional service to your customers.

The Ultra Vac Fragrance gives the site owner the convenience of a single unit that allows the customer to vacuum and then deodorise their vehicles. It is simple to operate with clear instructions given on the face of the unit.

The electronic control system offers the customer a choice of either a vacuum or one of three fragrances. The vacuum and fragrance times can be changed to suit individual site preferences.

A trigger button on the spray head controls fragrance dispensing. This ensures customers get the full benefit of their fragrance purchase. This trigger button can be bypassed, if desired, so the fragrance starts immediately it is selected.


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