Car Wash Machines

Good Sight offers Australia-wide sales & service of car wash equipment, supplies and accessories.
We sell a variety of designs and models to meet our customers site conditions and budgets.

istobal car wash machine

Roll Over Car Washes

Automatic brush machines are commonly referred to as ‘rollovers’. We offer a number of models and configuration options to meet various requirements and site conditions.

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drive through car wash machines

Auto Touchless Car Wash Machines

Auto Touch -less car washes use high impact recycled water and specially formulated wash chemicals to clean and meet your ” touch free” wash customers requirements. We offer various configurations and options to meet the our clients budget and conditions.

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self serve car wash system

Self Serve Car Washes

Our Self Serve Car Wash ‘s can be a simple single bay stand alone unit through to a multi bay facility with off site monitoring. Self Serve’s are a good way to compliment an Automatic car wash facility to fulfill your customers vehicle wash requirements.

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conveyor car wash


Conveyor, or tunnel, systems are ideal for high volume sites that require a superior wash finish
Using this system on high volume or commercial sites reduces waiting time and in turn increases wash revenue. We offer various size conveyor tunnel systems and configurations to meet site design requirements and budgets.

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drive through car wash installation

Drive Through Systems

Drive through car wash systems are designed specifically for car rental companies and automotive panel shops where a simple, superior and high volume wash is required.

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car wash enclosure machines


Our Enclosures have been created using a modular concept based around the idea of simple, flexible structures with the latest materials. Only this way can Enclosures be created which are capable of protecting all types of jet washes, rollovers and tunnels, whatever the set-up on your wash facility is.

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Australia’s leading suppliers of car wash equipment & supplies

Good Sight has been Australia’s leading supplier of car wash machines and equipment since 1968. We are the national supplier of Ryko, Istobal and MacNeill car wash systems.  Our full range of services includes car wash installation, upgrades and maintenance for clients such as car wash businesses, petroleum retailers, automotive dealerships, fleet and rental car businesses.  For more information about rollovers, auto touchless, self serve, conveyors, drive through and car wash enclosures, contact our team direct for advice and assistance.  We can also assist with a range of car wash accessories including coin operated vacuums and vending machines.

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