Car Wash Activation & Change Machines


car wash change machine

Our pay station and activation systems offer the flexibility to fully automate the vehicle wash system.

We can design and setup a basic code only system right through to a fully automatic Credit Card/RFID transaction terminal with remote off – site monitoring.


On car wash and forecourt equipment throughout the world, Codax is the leader in secure, reliable, easy-to-use access control. By standardizing on systems from PSD Codax, the World’s forecourt operators are giving their customers a consistently hassle-free way of paying and gaining access to all their premium car wash systems. Codax is available as stand-alone or fully POS-integrated unit.

Hamilton Cashless Transaction Kiosk

Hamilton Manufacturing Corp,have been the leading supplier of Transaction related  equipment to the car wash industry for over 30 years.

Whether  your needs are a simple change machine,or the more sophisticated transaction equipment,like the CTK Cashless Transaction Kiosk,Gold Line Auto Cashier  or the HTK credit card transaction kiosk ,we will have a flexible solution for your project or facility

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