Rollover / Automatic Car Wash Machines

Automatic car wash machines are commonly referred to as ‘rollovers’. We offer a number of models and configuration options to meet various requirements and site conditions.

Istobal Flex5 Car Wash

Istobal Flex5 Car Wash

Flex5 Features: is the only rollover in the market that is capable of using either five or three brushes without changing machines and in just a working day. Its countless solutions make the M’NEX range reliable, efficient and technological, with a flexibility pushed to its limits. FLEX5 is the solution to changing needs at the car wash facility.

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Istobal M'Start Car Wash Machine

Istobal M’Start Car Wash

M’Start Features: rollover designed for wash facilities with a capacity of 400 to 1200 vehicles a month and is the perfect machine for those wishing to start off in the vehicle wash business in the most profitable way.

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istobal mnex28 car wash1

Istobal M’Nex 28 Car Wash

M’Nex28 features: wash and dry rollover comprising 4 vertical brushes and 1 horizontal brush controlled by power transducers, powder coating, complete wash and dry programs carried out efficiently in the minimum time, and its compact design means it can be used as a replacement on facilities already existing with no need for building work since it can be installed on a standard 9-metre bay.

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istobal mnex25 car wash1

Istobal M’Nex 25 Car Wash

M’Nex 25 Features: two synchronized rollovers (dry -wash) working on one single 11m bay and giving truly surprising results, high-flow drying at low revolutions (1500 rpm) and 14 kW of power, double service lines connected by energy chain, powder coating, and maximum flexibility: optional extras can be added to both modulesdry and wash – thus optimizing each pass.

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istobal mnex27 car wash1

Istobal M’Nex 27 Car Wash

M’Nex 27 features include: two rollovers working on two separate bays (wet bay and dry bay), total absence of dripping during the drying phase since the water appliances are on the separate wet bay, double service lines connected by energy chain, and powder coating, high-flow drying.

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Istobal MNex22 Car Wash

Istobal M’Nex 22 Car Wash

M’Nex 22 features include: wash and dry rollover comprising 2 vertical brushes and 1 horizontal brush controlled by power transducers, option to include different dryer combinations on the same rollover, and optional structure with powder coating.

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ryko soft gloss max car wash

Ryko Soft Gloss Max Car Wash

The SoftGloss MAXX has proven its success in the car wash industry. A combination of Clean Touch wash material and technological advancements will push customer satisfaction and revenue potential to the MAXX with this system.

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