Ryko Soft Gloss Max Car Wash

Automatic Car Wash Machines

Designed for all sized vehicles and high throughput for maximum profitability, the SoftGloss MAXX has enjoyed great success in the car wash industry.

The combination of FoamBrite wash material and technical advancements makes the SoftGloss MAXX a car wash industry icon when it comes to automatic vehicle wash systems

The SoftGloss MAXX has proven its success in the car wash industry. A combination of Clean Touch wash material and technological advancements will push customer satisfaction and revenue potential to the MAXX with this system.

With 14 colors of Clean Touch wash material and an unlimited choice of colors for the body panels to choose from, you can design your machine to fit almost any color scheme imaginable.

Car wash features
  • Tall Rear Wash Arms
  • Profile Mapping
  • Revolutionary Clean Touch Wash Material
  • Large Vehicle Opening
  • Many Profit-Enhancing Options Available

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